Movember 7-8, 2015    
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About UXcamp Ottawa


UXCamp Ottawa is a locally-grown, volunteer-driven event created for people who want to learn and share their expertise about user experience, and how our profession contributes to making things work better for everyone. We’ll cover topics like user research, usability, information architecture, interaction design, service design, and just about everything related to the creation of compelling products, services and experiences.

In terms of format, UXcamp Ottawa is a weekend plenary (two-day single track) conference featuring fantastic speakers from all over the world. We are the largest annual UX event in Canada, and are constantly looking for ways to create an affordable, world-class event in our own backyard.

UXcamp Ottawa History

The first UXcamp Ottawa event took place on Saturday November 27, 2010, and attracted 175 participants instantly becoming the largest non-profit UX community conference in Canada. Hosted by Jess McMullin (Citizen Experience, Edmonton), UXcamp Ottawa 1 was keynoted by Tedde van Gelderen of Akendi (Toronto) and included talks by Derek Featherstone (SimplyAccessible), Lorraine Chapman (Macadamian) and John A. Brown.

The second UXcamp Ottawa event took place on Saturday November 5th, 2011, and the number of participants increased to 225. The conference was hosted by Rob Woodbridge (Untether.TV, Ottawa), and was keynoted by Dana Chisnell of UsabilityWorks (Boston, MA). Notable speakers included Gabor Vida (Teknision, Ottawa), Andrew Emmons (YouILabs, Ottawa), Amanda Holmstrom (NLC, Ottawa), Tanya Snook and Laura Wesley (UXWG, Ottawa).

The third UXcamp Ottawa event expanded to a two day format covering Saturday and Sunday October 13-14, 2012. The 375 people in attendance were treated to keynotes for the ages by Jared Spool (UI, Boston) and Steve Portigal (Portigal Consulting, San Francisco). The conference was once again hosted by Rob Woodbridge (Untether.TV, Ottawa) and the all-star speaker lineup included Nick Finck (Deloitte Digital, Seattle), Jess McMullin (Citizen Experience, Edmonton), Dana Chisnell (UsabilityWorks, Boston), Jessica Ivins (Happy Cog, Philadelphia), Derek Featherstone (SimplyAccessible, Ottawa), Shai Idelson (Sid Lee, Montreal) and Jeff Parks (DIGIA UX, Ottawa).

Last year’s UXcamp Ottawa 4 took place on November 9-10, 2013 and was attended by 450 participants. Keynotes from Jesse James Garrett (Adaptive Path, San Francisco), Bill DeRouchey (GE Aviation, San Francisco) and Russ Unger (GE Capital/Userglue, Chicago) rounded up a stellar program that also included Juhan Sonin (Involution / MIT, Boston), Dan Szuc (Apogee, Hong Kong), Leisa Reichelt (UK GDS, London), Jonathan Snook (Shopify, Ottawa), Jess McMullin (Citizen Experience, Edmonton), Samantha Soma (GE Design, San Francisco), Shay Howe (Belly, Chicago), Alena Iouguina (Carleton U, Ottawa) and Cynthia Savard Saucier (TP1, Montreal).

What people say about past editions of UX Ottawa:

  • My head is still swirling with inspiration, insights, principles and mantras. Truly a world-class conference.

  • As a UX rookie I leave the weekend with a better understanding of what UX is. Inspired. Happy. Excited for more.

  • I have never been this impressed with a conference. Thank you for an amazing event, can't wait till next year!

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