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The return of an old friend: Jess McMullin

One of the key figures responsible for bringing the UXcamp movement to Ottawa returns this year to present.

Citizen Experience Design: Policy and Service Innovation
Oct 13, 2012 1:30pm / 45 MINUTES

Citizen experience isn’t simply the civic experience of elections and voting, or participatory democracy. It is the entire daily sum of interactions and benefits that a citizen experiences through both the direct and indirect actions of the public sector. That includes programs and services, policy and planning, funding, taxation, subsidies and economic development. It means dealing with specific needs, and with the broad attitudes and expectations that develop in a community. It spans all levels of government and extends into education, healthcare, and government funded non-profits. And it makes a profound difference in the kind of people, the kind of communities and the kind of nation that we are today and that we aspire to become tomorrow.

Citizen experience design is a deliberate practice devoted to improving that daily citizen experience. It draws on the best of what we know from customer experience, design thinking, and innovation. Citizen experience design doesn’t replace how we practice government. Instead it adds to the toolkit, giving public servants and citizens more tools to improve our communities and make better, more confident decisions.

This session will challenge you, inspire you, and encourage you to take action in the way that makes most sense for you. Jess will share examples of citizen experience and suggest some practices for citizen experience design, and conclude with a range of options for getting involved—including individuals in public service, consultants, and citizens who are engaging with their governments and communities to make things work better for people.

Speaker Bio: Jess McMullin

As founder of UXCamp Edmonton and organizer/sponsor/host of the inaugural UXcamp Ottawa in 2010, Jess McMullin is no stranger to our little conference. Jess is a thinker, researcher and designer who helps organizations innovate services, systems and policies to create a better world. Since leaving nForm, the user experience consultancy he founded in 2003, he’s led the Centre for Citizen Experience, a startup “do tank” that advances design in the North American public sector. The public sector (government, education, and healthcare) faces significant challenges. Design innovation can help.

The Centre’s fundamental belief is that design methods and mindset can dramatically improve problem solving for public sector organizations. Today it realizes its mission through consulting, training, research, advocacy and policy work.

Jess speaks widely and regularly writes about design thinking, innovation, and influencing organizations. He has spoken in Canada, Germany, Italy and the United States. He started Overlap, an annual invitation-only retreat that gathers many disciplines under the umbrella of design, with friend and co-conspirator Victor Lombardi; started Canux, the Canadian User Experience workshop held in Banff from 2005-2009; and has served as a program co-chair for the IA Summit’s Business Strategy & Management track with Mags Hanley for the past two years.

Jess also co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and has contributed feedback and ideas for several user experience and design books including Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville’s Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Jesse James Garrett’s The Elements of User Experience, and Gene Smith’s Tagging: People-Powered Metadata for the Social Web.

You can follow Jess on Twitter at @jessmcmullin.

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