Movember 8-9, 2014      
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The order of the sessions on our program is still in a state of flux. Please check back on October 8, 2014 for the final UXcamp Ottawa 2014 program grid.

Day 1: Saturday, November 08, 2014

Venue: Canadian Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) Theatre ( Map )

8:00 am Registration and light snacks
8:45 am Introduction
Welcome Message
9:00 am Opening keynote:
LOU ROSENFELD, Rosenfeld Media (New York, NY)
Beyond User Research / SLIDES
9:50 am Presentation:
JONAS DAMON, Frog Design (New York, NY)
Connecting with the City
10:30 am 30 minute break
11:00 am Presentation:
ABBY COVERT, SVA / Parsons The New School (New York, NY)
How To Make Sense of Any Mess / SLIDES
11:40 am Short Talk:
JASON STANLEY, Provender (Montreal, QC)
Dispatches From the Delivery Truck:
Building Tools to Help Farmers Go Farm-to-Fork
11:50 am Short Talk:
JUAN PABLO SOLANO, Piposys Media (Ottawa, ON)
How “El Bulli” turned dining into an experience / SLIDES
12:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:30 pm Short Talk:
SENECA BRANDI, Akendi (Ottawa, ON)
To err is human: a look at bias in ux research
1:40 pm Presentation:
JENNIFER FRASER, Macadamian (Ottawa, ON)
How to Build a UX Team (and Why It’s Not Like Building a Clone Army) / SLIDES
2:10 pm Presentation:
KONRAD SAUER, Sauer & Steiner Toolworks (Kitchener, ON)
Hiding in Plane Sight: Craftsmanship and Design
03:00 pm 30 minute break
3:30 pm Closing keynote:
STEVE KRUG, Advanced Common Sense (Boston, MA)
You’re NOT Doing Usability Testing? Are You… Nuts?
4:45 pm Networking / Drinks (on-site until 6:45pm)
8:00 pm Drinks in town (TBD)


Day 2: Sunday, November 09, 2014

Venue: Canadian Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) Theatre ( Map )

7:15 am 45 min outside run (starts and ends in front of the Chateau Laurier):
Led by: MATTHEW MILAN, Normative (Toronto, ON)
9:00 am Registration
9:30 am Introduction
Welcome Message
9:40 am Presentation:
JONAS WOOST, CBC Music (Vancouver, BC)
UX in Public Broadcasting: Case Study
10:10 am Short Talk:
LISA FAST, NeoInsight (Ottawa, ON)
Seeing Outside the Box: Why Parts of Your Design Are Invisible
10:30 am Short Talk:
MICHAEL GRIGORIEV, New Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Policy + Design: A case study in civic engagement
10:40 am Short Talk:
STEFAN DICKERSON, Macadamian (Ottawa, ON)
Analog challenge accepted: Fixing design friction
11:00 am 30 minute break
11:30 am Presentation:
MATTHEW MILAN, Normative (Toronto, ON)
Design for the Network / SLIDES
12:10 pm Closing keynote:
KIM GOODWIN, PatientsLikeMe (San Francisco, CA)
Designing How To Design
1:00 pm Closing remarks and prize draws
1:30 pm End of festivities :(
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