Movember 7-8, 2015    
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2015 Program (Coming Soon)

We are currently working on the program grid for 2015 so stay tuned for speaker announcements and schedule updates. The 2015 format will be relatively similar to the 2014 grid, but as always, we like to change things a little bit every year.

SAT NOV 8, 2014

Venue: Canadian Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) Theatre ( Map )

8:00 am Registration and light snacks
8:45 am Introduction
Welcome Message
9:00 am Opening keynote:
LOU ROSENFELD, Rosenfeld Media (New York, NY)
Beyond User Research / SLIDES
9:50 am Presentation:
JONAS DAMON, Frog Design (New York, NY)
Connecting with the City
10:30 am 30 minute break
11:00 am Presentation:
ABBY COVERT, SVA / Parsons The New School (New York, NY)
How To Make Sense of Any Mess / SLIDES
11:40 am Short Talk:
JASON STANLEY, Provender (Montreal, QC)
Dispatches From the Delivery Truck:
Building Tools to Help Farmers Go Farm-to-Fork
11:50 am Short Talk:
JUAN PABLO SOLANO, Piposys Media (Ottawa, ON)
How “El Bulli” turned dining into an experience / SLIDES
12:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:30 pm Short Talk:
SENECA BRANDI, Akendi (Ottawa, ON)
To err is human: a look at bias in ux research
1:40 pm Presentation:
JENNIFER FRASER, Macadamian (Ottawa, ON)
How to Build a UX Team (and Why It’s Not Like Building a Clone Army) / SLIDES
2:10 pm Presentation:
KONRAD SAUER, Sauer & Steiner Toolworks (Kitchener, ON)
Hiding in Plane Sight: Craftsmanship and Design
03:00 pm 30 minute break
3:30 pm Closing keynote:
STEVE KRUG, Advanced Common Sense (Boston, MA)
You’re NOT Doing Usability Testing? Are You… Nuts?
4:45 pm Networking / Drinks (on-site until 6:45pm)
8:00 pm Drinks in town (TBD)

SUN NOV 9, 2014

Venue: Canadian Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) Theatre ( Map )

7:15 am 45 min outside run (starts and ends in front of the Chateau Laurier):
Led by: MATTHEW MILAN, Normative (Toronto, ON)
9:00 am Registration
9:30 am Introduction
Welcome Message
9:40 am Presentation:
JONAS WOOST, CBC Music (Vancouver, BC)
UX in Public Broadcasting: Case Study
10:10 am Short Talk:
LISA FAST, NeoInsight (Ottawa, ON)
Seeing Outside the Box: Why Parts of Your Design Are Invisible
10:30 am Short Talk:
MICHAEL GRIGORIEV, New Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Policy + Design: A case study in civic engagement
10:40 am Short Talk:
STEFAN DICKERSON, Macadamian (Ottawa, ON)
Analog challenge accepted: Fixing design friction
11:00 am 30 minute break
11:30 am Presentation:
MATTHEW MILAN, Normative (Toronto, ON)
Design for the Network / SLIDES
12:10 pm Closing keynote:
KIM GOODWIN, PatientsLikeMe (San Francisco, CA)
Designing How To Design
1:00 pm Closing remarks and prize draws
1:30 pm End of festivities :(

What people say about past editions of UX Ottawa:

  • My head is still swirling with inspiration, insights, principles and mantras. Truly a world-class conference.

  • As a UX rookie I leave the weekend with a better understanding of what UX is. Inspired. Happy. Excited for more.

  • I have never been this impressed with a conference. Thank you for an amazing event, can't wait till next year!

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